Collaborative Health Care Network is a team of professionals working together to help you increase mobility, relieve pain, and improve your overall health.  

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Why Choose Collaborative Health Network?

  • No nonsense therapy or oversell

  • Efficient care & therapy

  • Accessibility - Open late and weekends

  • 8 different streams of healthcare providers

Patricia Juanillo
2 months ago
This a collaborative clinic with both a rehabilitation (chiro, physio, and chiropody, massage) and a medical side (family doctors). I have only experienced the rehabilitation...
Shawn Pandey
2 months ago
Dr. Vo is a magician. Highly recommended as I’ve been dealing with chronic back issues but a few visits later, I’m good as new!
Shawn Kit
3 months ago
I just saw Julie and she was such an amazing help, she gave tons of information and recommendations to help out with recovering an injury...
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