Offering the highest quality of integrative healthcare in Mississauga since 2014

Welcome to The Collaborative Healthcare Network! We are a premiere wellness centre located in the west end of Mississauga and are proud to have been serving the community since 2014.

Our clinic is built on an interprofessional collaborative model, designed to offer effective patient-centred care encompassing many perspectives of health. CHCN began many years ago as a small chiropractic team, and has since grown into a full team of healthcare professionals, administrative staff and assistants.

Our collaboration is not simply team work.  We value respect as an essential part of shared leadership, overcoming barriers to collaboration, eliminating harmful stereotypes, and ultimately creating a more patient-centred approach to healthcare.


The need for patient education is an important factor in a patients recovery. We make every effort to be as transparent as possible with our patients so they are fully informed on the risks & benefits our care, as well as alternatives that we may not provide.


We understand that your time and money are of great value to you and we are dedicated to ensuring that progress is made as efficiently as possible for your time and wallet.


One type of care may be not enough and collaboration from multiple streams of healthcare can provide the insight needed for an effective evidence based treatment plan.

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