Regarding Our Measures For COVID-19

To protect everyone, please postpone scheduling an appointment, or cancel an existing appointment if you have:

  1. A fever, cough, acute respiratory illness, or flu symptoms (if answer is yes, call Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000)
  2. Traveled outside Canada in the last 14 days
  3. Been in close contact with a person who may or has a confirmed COVID-19 case
  4. You are considered to have a serious underlying medical condition that might lead to high risks for severe illness from COVID-19
  5. Are the care-taker of, or are in regular contact with, a person who is at a higher risk (ie. immuno-compromised)

Should I Still Book?

We are currently only providing emergency/acute care in-clinic. Please proceed with booking if you exhibit any of the following:

  1. A musculoskeletal trauma that does not require hospitalization
  2. An incapacitating problem or pain not requiring hospitalization
  3. Your pain/condition prevents you from performing activities of daily living
  4. Chronic pain/condition that requires regular treatments to manage and prevent a flare-up of symptoms

What Safety Measures are in Place?

  1. There will be a 10-15 min gap between all appointments made in the next few weeks. This will minimize the number of people within a space at a given time.
  2. All surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected and wiped down with a hospital grade disinfectant between all treatments AND at the start and end of each day.
  3. ALL staff will be washing their hands with soap/water AND hand sanitizer before and after treatments.
  4. Cancellation policies have been revised and can be made over the phone, WhatsApp, or email up to the minute of the appointment. Please utilize this policy if you start to exhibit any flu-like symptoms.
  5. We are limiting the number of appointments per day in ensure that these protocols are followed.